JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 – 地球掘削科学 –


Session Title: Expedition Earth: Discovering our planet’s past and future through scientific drilling

Session title (short): Drilling Earth Science

コンビーナ: 黒田 潤一郎,道林克禎,氏家恒太郎,Clive Neal

共催団体: AGU



Scope of the session

This multidisciplinary session encourages presentations of various scientific researches that uses samples and data obtained through scientific drilling projects such as the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Project (ICDP). We organize several subsessions on the basis of scientific themes to effectively convey achievements and information to the audiences. These scientific themes include “Resilient and Dynamic Earth” (geohazard, climate change and natural resources), “Terrestrial to Extraterrestrial” (plate tectonics, planetary structure, asteroid impacts, and deep biosphere/astrobiology), and “Innovative Science and Technology” (subseafloor observatories, drilling technology development and data science). This session will invite lectures that summarize recent achievements and highlights in each field, and encourages presentations on recently implemented ICDP projects and IODP expeditions. We also aim to provide information on upcoming ICDP projects or IODP expeditions, and we welcome contributions on state-of-the art technological developments related to scientific drilling. The principal goal of this session is to provide a place where participants can efficiently acquire substantial information related to scientific drilling.




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